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Air Compressor Water Pump found 227 Proudcts from 22 pumps suppliers
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US 1.00
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Air Pump
  • Air Pump
  • air pumpSIZE:7X3.7X3.5CM Model Voltage Hz Watt FLUX HL-AP001 110-120V 60Hz 2W 1.5L/minHL-AP001 220-240V 50Hz 2W 1.5L/minHL-AP001 12V 60Hz 1.2W 1.2L/min HL-AP001 12V 50Hz 1.2W 1.2L/min HL-AP001 24V 60Hz 1.3W 1.2L/min H
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Suppliers:Zhongshan Hongling Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
  • 200 Piece(Min.Order)
US 0.99
VFD Price for air compressor/water pump pure sine wave
US 70.00